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Cougar Country

Five miles from my doorstep this little kitty met her maker.cougar

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Dork in Chief

Dork in Chief

I know you’re too little to understand my profundity but let me be clear, I’ve read several pages of Cliffnotes about Marx. So again Let ME be clear, I’ve read something about somebody so I’m in charge. I WON! Remember. So let me be clear, hand it over you capitalist kulak. How dare you ask about my grade school grades in Indonesia! Let me be clear that American education is failing.

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Athens on Fire, or Hope and Change (in English),,,,

This Tsunami is scheduled to arrive within 5 years….

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The Dim

Strange and dazzled dim,
I blink and know him,
who travels and seeks
All below and above,
A grace note, for he hopes,
A sumption nothing grim.

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Treason ‘gainst George

begat us,

Likeness saved,

and birth’d us,

But now these days,


We wander forth,

foolish and aghast;

Fighters behind we had abundance,

These days we lack fecundance.

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It’s Alive!!!

This blog is hereby commenced. Let the games begin!

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