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Ellsworth AFB Air and Space Museum, South Dakota.  The Air Base itself is home to 24  B1-Bs.

Our mastery of technique and engineering has ensured the survival of a few generations. But who now is engaged in the race for future technique? I somehow doubt it is the product of American colleges. As we succumb to the non-inevitable decline of this once great country I’m sure we’ll have a surfeit of Ph.D’s in Sociology to explain its inevitability! Great!!!


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The View Out my Trailer Door

The View from the Top of Our Hill

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Road Trip June 2010

Sometimes when the world get too depressing you just have to get away from it all. Left RI last Thursday and headed to Custer, SD to check out the land my parents will be building their new home on. I’ll be taking it easy out here for a couple of weeks. Will be checking out the stuff I haven’t seen since I was a kid, The Badlands, Devil’s Tower, Crazy Horse et cetera. I’ll be posting some pictures once I figure out the intricacies of my camera.

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I’ve been goofing off of late, forlorn with the knowledge that our way of life is past. This knowledge will not be apparent to the simpletons for a few more years. Ah! Ignorance is bliss. For the rest of us preparedness is paramount. I’ll cease my silly detours into Grateful Deadville and start to concentrate on the demographic/financial time bomb that has been ticking, still ticks and whose tocsin sounds in the distance.  Good luck and God speed….

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