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A hard day and night endured, come home and listen, to something pure…
‘Nuff said…


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This river flows from Quebec through Brunswick,

The memories I know are above and below it.

The pool beside the camp was deep and dove

Salmon face to face beside me.

Bear prints drenched in blood, pooling in the mud,

Fierce trout supplicants to my fly,

Yet renounced as I go by,

Woods thick as brush and springs,

More clear and pure and quenching

Than the best that Maine can bring.

Canoes our riders on the waves,

rippling from here to there,

and oars struck bottom, and so

ashore as if we cared.

Summers in the North

before the Autumn bell,

Were a treasure in my heart,

Before the Winter’s knell.

But Aurora Borealis

Then cast her colored spell.

The river roars and rolls,

And when I am gone

It flows both iceless,

And with ice will not be still…

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Oft Are Endings Best

Here’s a Tim Easton tune from the end credits of a film (Love and Sex), a typical product of entertainment BS, although Favreau utilizes game on Famke when they first meet. It’s funny and then the film starts in earnest…yawn… A tune at the end caught my snoozing attention. I seem to have an affliction with recalling the closing tunes to movies good and bad. Oh well…(Doctor is there a cure for RTCTTMGAB?)

Here’s an end-credit tune from one of my favorite films, an actual work of cinematic craftmanship, You Can Count On Me, a little masterpiece shorn of Hollywood BS, a real slice of life. One of the exceptions to the rule that the best part of a film is the ending credits. Go figure…

The reference to diamonds in Tim’s song summoned an old Whiskeytown tune; how ’97 of me.

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Ever wanted to visit North Korea? Didn’t think so. But Shane Smith co-founder of Vice managed to get in and actually take pictures/video. I know the Norks might as well be from outer space, but this is truly other-worldly. I’ve attached part one of the three-part piece; it’s about 20 minutes long. Actually, I tried to attach part one but apparently wordpress does not support java based embed codes for video. So you can see the first part here. What I can attach is the first serialized Youtube version which will show the first five minutes. But it doesn’t get really good until much later. View all of them, it’s astonishingly bizarre and alien. By the way, it is not as difficult to visit North Korea as Shane implies. Probably a bit of dramatic licence. He’s Canadian so he should not have had any difficulties unless they knew he was a “journalist”. But if you are a US citizen you’ve been freely able to go to NK since 1995. The restrictions are actually on the NK side. They have a policy of not granting visas to anyone from the United States or South Korea. And so it goes…

Where is North Korea when the sun goes down? Just look for the place with no lights, err no electricity…

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Hey Whitey!

The crossroads of language and race have produced some vivid, florid and often offensive, yet invariably inventive ways of referring to others unlike you. I was perusing a list of terms for white people (persons of European descent) found in non-European countries/cultures. One very amusing one is from the Malay language. In Malaysia a white person is called mat salleh. It is apparently derived from English “mad sailor”. One can only speculate about the behavior of the sailors who undoubtedly were the first Europeans with whom Malaysians came into contact. Another funny sobriquet comes from Sinhala, the language of Sri Lanka. There a white person can be referred to as thambapu issa, a “boiled prawn”. I think I can understand the derivation of this term for a white person too long exposed to Sri Lankan sunshine!

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    Finance leaders from the EU have put together a $1 Trillion rescue package to battle the looming debt crisis. The IMF will chip in $320 Billion  dollars of the total. (The US is the largest stakeholder in the IMF, our quota is 17%, i.e., we provide 17% of the funds. Ergo, .17 x 320 = 54.4). That’s right, the US taxpayer is coughing up, or should I say bleeding,  approximately $54 Billion to save the Socialist economies of Europe from imminent collapse. The US is almost 13 Trillion dollars in debt and heading off a financial cliff thanks to Obama, but we taxpayers can still afford to rescue our betters in Europe from their own self-induced fiscal follies! Capitalist American swine are oh so happy to send a lifeline to their Socialist comrades across the pond. I’m glad to contribute my hard-earned then confiscated tax dollars to help Frenchies retire at 55. I’ll be working till the day I drop, so have some champagne on me François mon frère. I’ll even kick in the tip. Profitez pendant que vous pouvez.

    This “rescue” will provide a temporary salve to their self-inflicted financial wounds, but there’s still trouble up yonder on the horizon. This courtesy of Bloomberg, “Europe’s debt-ridden nations still have to raise almost 2 trillion euros within the next three years to refinance maturing bonds and fund deficits. Led by Italy’s $126 billion, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy have a total of $215 billion of debt coming due in the next three months, according to JPMorgan.”

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Mental Health Break:

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